MGM 1952 Musical Comedy – Singin’ in the Rain

Fathom events – Singin’ In The Rain is an iconic 1952 Metro-Goldwin-Mayer musical comedy film directed and choreographed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen.  It stars Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and a 19-year- old Debbie Reynolds.  The film offers a light-hearted view of Hollywood in the late 1920’s.  Kelly, O’Connor, and Reynolds portray song and dance performers of the silent screen era who are caught up in the often hilarious transition to “talkies.”


“Rain” is chock-full of joyful music, vibrant dance, and side-splitting comedy and remains one of America’s most popular musical comedies. It was accorded only modest praise when it premiered 27 March 1952 at Radio City Music Hall in New York, but has since gone on to attain legendary status. Most critics consider it to be the best movie musical ever made, and it ranks as the fifth-greatest American motion picture of all time.


Kelly, O’Connor and Reynolds ably handle the often extraordinary demands of the music and dance, while Jean Hagen hilariously portrays a talentless, air-headed silent film star named “Lina Lamont” whose horrible voice and lack of talent make her unsuitable for the transition to “talkies.”  Roger Ebert, who believed there was no movie musical more fun than Singing’ In The Rain, once described Lina Lamont’s voice “like fingernails on a blackboard.” Ms Hagen was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her hysterical portrayal of this fading silent screen star.


Singin’ In The Rain is a light-hearted, happy movie about making movies. This was Debbie Reynold’s first major role in which she had to keep up with the two veteran hoofers, Kelly and O’Connor, and she succeeded admirably. Kelly and O’Connor had dancing styles unique for that period with moves more robust and acrobatic than, for example, the Grandmaster, Fred Astaire, whom the great premiere danseur Mikhail Baryshnikov once praised as being the best dancer in the world, himself ranking among the very best.


In celebration of the films 65th Anniversary, Fathom Events has offered we fortunate movie-goers, a rare opportunity to enjoy this treasure on The Big Screen.  As an enduring classic, Singing’ In The Rain conveys as much joy and pure fun today as it no doubt did for audiences 65 years ago. Kelly, O’Connor, and (most recently) Reynolds  are no longer with us, but their legacy of joy and happiness lives in our hearts.


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