Exciting opportunities across hardware

April, HardwareCon – Something truly remarkable is happening across hardware – stated Mark Hindsbo from Ansys, in his opening keynote speech at HardwareCon 2017 that took place March 24-25 in San Leandro, California. Hindsbo referred to the megatrends including IoT that is being applied to make devices smarter; composite materials, that allow for the creation of new complex shapes and application flexibilities that were not possible before and new processes such as 3D printing which is leading the new area of additive manufacturing. All of them have been creating many exciting opportunities across hardware. Hindsbo explained that analysts, such as the Boston Consulting group, estimated this new industry sector to be $11 trillion by 2025.

This year HardwareCon event is now part of Hardware Massive and their global community.  At the event, the show welcome had a show of hands response that identified close to half of the attendees were non-local to the Silicon Valley area, including Europe, Asia and South America.  The event focused on innovators and their products that are all hardware based solutions for the industrial and retail sales channels. The common theme of hardware development brought a keynote from Ansys Corporation that was highlighting their startups program, and the advantages of using a computer to test out design in advance of making the prototypes.

Coverage of the event in the form of highlights from the Keynote, a one-on-one discussion with Mark Hindsbo and an overview of the exhibits as described by the innovators themselves appears on the Bright Blue Innovation television program produced by Roadway Media. In this episode made its appearance: Ansys Corp., Hello Axis, Theia, San Leandro Next, Product Realization Grop, Berkeley Sourcing Group, Skunk Lock, Rush Order, First Cinema, Alex Witkowski Law, Tindie, Bullz-I, Brain Portal, Tittle Light, Looksee, CloudKeyz and Recreation Sound.


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