NAB 2017 – Media Enterprise Storage and Workflow

Bright Blue Innovations’ coverage of the 2017 NAB show included interviews and product announcements that were aired on Comcast, AT&T & Ustream by it video production partner Roadway.Media in June 2017 on Bright Blue Innovation.

Bright Blue Innovation and host Lidia Paulinksa continue their coverage of the 2017 NAB show from2017 NAB. This episode is focused on studio and enterprise side of storage and production issues related to both broadcast and streaming content creation and delivery. It features highlights from product offerings by Reidel, Black Box, Brainstorm, Vocal Booth, Countryman Associaties, Promise Technology, DellEMC, Quantum, Sony and Captioning solutions from Vitac.

The episode can be found at Roadway.Media as Bright Blue Innovation S2 Ep9

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