Arcus backpack with camera insert by Moshi

Many of the conference centers today charge for travelling computer cases on wheels and some have even have changed their rules so drastically that they totally prohibit them on the expo floor.

With the Moshi backpack, this is no longer an issue. The Moshi backpack is extremely handy because it opens from the side which makes it easy to use when it is still on your back.

Without the camera insert inside the Moshi backpack, it is very spacious for carrying conference materials, lights and batteries. It has special dome top flap which is good for safekeeping eyeglasses, microphones or other items that can be easily smashed. The inside of the dome has a zipper pouch which is good for extra batteries and memory cards.

The back of the backpack is padded and has air vents, so it comfortable and does not get hot when it is being used all day. The bag inside has several zipper pockets that are useful for cables, business cards, pens and accessories. The bag also features a full-size bag pocket on the back that holds papers, badges and other materials that are needed for doing full-day camera and studio production.

Finally, what makes a Moshi backpack a camera backpack is that it features a full-size tripod pocket which allows you to carry all your equipment in one location.

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