August 2015 – One of the major announcements at this year’s IDF was the availability and applications of the Realsense stereo 3D camera system in modules, tablets, and laptops.  The technology was featured in a large section of the conference area and the display areas.

Targeting consumer applications, they were showing off the speed and accuracy of the technology with a couple of different exhibits.  One was a 3D printing demonstration.  It featured taking a 360 degree Stereo 3D photo of a person’s head, and then in real time transferring it to a 3D laser printer.  The printer carved the image into a block of Lucite and producing an embedded 3D likeness of the person.  The demonstration was so popular that they had to go to rotating time and call back system to get the images taken and printed.  While the image capture is fast, under a couple of minutes, the laser printer averages about 20-25min per print which is what caused the queue for the demo.

One of the other heavily attended demo was a mirror with the integrated RealSense camera.  The camera would take a 3D image of the person in front of the mirror.  The mirror is actually a half mirrored display that can then superimpose jewelry on the person in the mirror.  The system allows for the selection of earrings and necklaces on the people in the mirror.  This system was very quick on setup – under 1 minute and very responsive to movement.  The system is a prototype and had some challenges if there was more than 1 person in the view of the camera, but on the whole it worked well.

There were a number of other RealSense applications targeted at consumers being shown highlighting the measurement capabilities, depth & relative location capabilities, and virtual showroom/furniture capabilities.  These have been shown in prior shows, and second generation software was the main display for these technology applications.