Tough Tested Marine stereo earbuds with in-line mic are nicely package with some extras inside (including three tips and 3.5 mm extender) and clear description of the product and its use on the front and back of the box. That gives a customer good feeling about the product and suggests that the producer cares about the first impression. As well as printed certifications information that stated that the Tough Tested Marine earbuds are certified noise control earbuds, Noise Reduction Rating 26 Decibels as well as they hold IP67 rating to protect against dust/sweat and water.  IP stands for “Ingress Protection” and is used to specify the environmental protection of enclosures around electronic devices. Number 6 means – Totally protected against dust, number 7 – Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m.

There are also an exclusive EQ-Voice technology added to the features. If a phone call comes while listening the music, the equalizer automatically boost and clarify the voice of the caller. That is something that many earbuds are missing. There are some more about Marine earbuds or rather the cable. It is Kevlar reinforced for durability and it partly coiled what gives the extra length on the cable if is needed without danger of tangling.

The product comes in orange-black colors that bring to mind the association with construction work in tough harsh environment. And it is made for it. But if you are going hiking into the woods, boating on the river, fishing in the lake you need durable and rigid equipment that can handle harsh conditions and protect you from outside noise. You need the Marine earbuds. But they also gives you a comfort like soft silicon ear coding and nice texture.

The company that produces Marine earbuds, is already know of their durable power solution products and recognizable for safety features. Now it is entering the audio field.