E3 2019 just ahead

E3 2019 just ahead

Just few more days until the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the world’s premiere trade show for computer and video games, that is being held at the LA Convention Center. E3 will be taking place from Tuesday, June 11 till Thursday, June 13. Before the doors open for the show let get a glimpse at the state of the industry.

Based on the past 3 years of support from the hardware platforms and the software development tools – the E3 community has now returned to immersive and engaging story for their games. The capabilities of the new video cards and computers, including mobile devices, has brought a freedom to developers to be creative again rather than focusing on “will the game play on the platform”.

Games industry is the fastest growing sector of the modern entertainment industry and is part of modern culture. Today game enthusiasts expect a richer, fuller and more involving game experience. Under such demanding clientele, more dynamic and multidirectional developments of games have been created, and the pallets of emotions both in the game and experienced by the player, have been greatly increased. Production studios strive for authenticity and put meticulous attention to detail, bringing players into a new level of realism, which may include 3D technology that changes flat images to three-dimensional images and cinematic quality photo-realistic events. Today’s game has a story line, utilizes state of the art visual graphics and utilizes new, advanced form of interaction with the player. In addition there is also increased proliferation of artists in the games industry, who get to express themselves creatively and individually. The impact of the games on mass culture is unquestionable and its value is growing at a dynamic pace.  

New adventure, horror, search, RPG, and on-line games are being shown from both indie and established developers.  While only a couple major titles have big releases planned, the number of new stories and game concepts is the largest in the past several years.

These titles are also NOT just focusing on VR, they are treating that as just another platform to support and making the games for multi-platform experiences (VR and standard) in many cases. Accessories for controlling the game, walking around and being fully physically immersed in the game, new sensors, games from major publishers and companies as well new experiences from independent developers.

More info: https://www.e3expo.com/