CES 2017 – Lifestyle Products and Mobile Accessories

CES 2017 – Lifestyle Products and Mobile Accessories

Bright Blue Innovatio’s coverage from the CES 2017 tradeshow on for Lifestyle products &Mobile Accessories was Broadcast on Comcast & Ustream in February 2017 by its media partner Roadway Media.

The Bright Blue Innovation Host Lidia Paulinska shows highlights from the CES 2017 focusing on the connected lifestyle. Products shown are from the areas of BabyTech, Mobile Electronics, Wearables, and Mobile Accessories. Companies featured include: Moshi, Zagg, SanDisk, BGZ, STM, PI Labs, Casio, Polaroid, and MyCharge.

The episode is available on-line at Roadway.Media as Bright Blue Innovation S2 Ep 1

How was the world of technology in 2016?

How was the world of technology in 2016?

January 2017 – How was the world of technology in 2016? – talk with the experts from San Francisco Bay area: Kevin Krewell, Principal Analyst of Tirias Research, Rodney Thayer, Cybersecurity Consultant and Pallab Chatterjee, Editor in Chief Media & Entertainment Technologies.

Autonomous vehicles made a lot of progress this year, more than anticipated – stated Kevin Krewell. The amount of effort and engineering going into driverless cars was remarkable. Typically, cars are a slow moving industry, taking 5+ years to qualify an equipment part going into a vehicle. But now things have changed and car manufactures are being blamed for not moving fast enough. Companies, such as, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Intel, NXP and others have been investing heavily to bring autonomous vehicles to the market in the next few years.  Elon Musk and Tesla have done the most to promote this change. Musk broke the barrier by having pre-installed software built into the Tesla vehicles, like he knew it was going to get better over time. Car manufacturers are not just making cars any more, but rather building a software platform – Rodney Thayer.

“All our knowledge begins with the senses”- declared 18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant.

The challenge with autonomous cars is that they are cameras based – added Pallab Chatterjee. Radar, lidar, sonar or real cameras are like senses of a vehicle. They are figuring things out but they create a huge amount of data. The flood of data is here and more is coming. By 2020, the average internet user will create 1.5GB of traffic per day, smart hospital – 3.000 GB per day, autonomous vehicle – 4.000 GB each per day, airplane – 40.000 GB per day and smart factory – 1.000.000 per day.

The biggest surprise that came up in 2016?

That VR came back again was a surprise to Pallab Chatterjee. It is like 3D, every 10-15 years people forget that it is not technology, it is what content is available and how the companies plan to monetize it. That was one of the problems with 3D.  It was rushed to the market because the technology was available but people said – there was nothing to watch because the content was made in a rush and it was of poor quality and stories. We see that scenario right now. The only good content for VR is in games on very expensive platforms but it is not mass market. The VR devices for mass market are not professionally created and a content is poor and people get dizzy and nauseous.

For Kevin Krewell, the biggest surprise in 2016 was how many big money acquisitions were taking place. It is not that big companies are buying small companies but big companies are buying big companies. Intel buying Altera last year was a starting point. NXP bought Freescale and now Qualcomm is buying NXP that just bought Freescale, and Samsung buying Harman Group.

The overriding challenge in 2016 was security and privacy.  A number of high level intrusions and data breaches took place, and as the year ends, more will come to light.  The risks are at all levels, individuals, companies, organizations, even standard internet providers and countries – the cybersecurity threats are guiding the way business was done in 2016 and the new ways it will be done in 2017 according to Rodney.

Here is the full episode that was aired at Bay area Comcast tv in December:

Logitech SmartDock for Skype for Business

Logitech SmartDock for Skype for Business

December, Logitech – Logitech SmartDock is secure meeting room console designed for Skype for Business. It can transform your meeting with a rich, collaborative experience. At Video Collaboration Press Briefing that took place November 21, 2016 at Logitech Headquarters in Newark, Joan Vandermate walked us through the details of the LogitechSmartDock and presented the functionality of the unit that was just shipped to the market.

The full interview and product demo can seen below:

2016 Automobility LA

2016 Automobility LA

November 2016 , Automobility LA – Where are we going with the cars? Brian Cooley in his keynote speech at the 2016 Automobility show in Los Angeles described the main characteristics for the automobile industry as follow: cars are doing more, the driver is the differentiator, many ways of electrification, the new performance and big data.

There are three forces changing cars today: Electrification – likely in 2025 EV will reach a tipping point. 35% of new sales by 2040? Connectivity – 75% of 90M+ new cars sold annually connected by 2020. Autonomy – 10M+ full/partial autonomous cars on the road by 2020.

The world is getting serious about EVs. MIT study pointed out that 0.83% of US car market is BEV/PHEV and 87% of cars are replaceable by current BEV/PHEV. In addition the electric vehicles are easy for car sharing what is considering as the future of the industry. The young people’s attitude towards cars has been changing and they not necessary feel a desire to own a vehicle. Bloomberg predictions are very optimistic: 40% of global new car sales by 2040 will be BEV/PHEV.

Car connectivity is necessary because of constant need of communication (web messaging, social media sharing), navigation (search to destination), entertainment (streaming music and video) and telematics (remote status and control).  Cars come home. Two main spaces: home and car are connected.

Autonomy is the future. The autonomous cars advantages are as follow: accident reduction, personal time recapture, congestion reduction, better road utilization and fuel efficiency.

32nd NAMM TEC Awards nominees

32nd NAMM TEC Awards nominees

December 2016, NAMM – The 32nd NAMM TEC Awards nominees for upcoming Winter NAMM were announced. The celebration of the winners in 23 categories of Outstanding Technical and 8 categories of Outstanding Creative Achievements will take place during the in Anaheim on Saturday, January 21, 2017. The TEC Awards are recognition of the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind sound recordings, live performances, films, television and video games. More info at www.tecawards.org and congratulation for the nominees.

Outstanding Technical Achievement

Amplification Hardware – Studio & Sound Reinforcement: Crown – XLS DriveCore 2, d&b Audiotechnik – 30D, dbx – DriveRack VENU360 Series, JBL – M-Patch, Lab.gruppen – E Series, Powersoft – Deva HD

Ancillary Equipment: Antelope Audio – OCX HD, Antelope Audio – 10MX, Dangerous Music – 2-BUS+, Little Labs – Monotor, Radial Engineering – DiNET TX & RX Dante direct boxes, Rupert Neve Designs – RNHP: Precision Headphone Amplifer

Audio Apps & Hardware/Peripherals for Smartphones/Tablets: Antelope Audio – Satori Remote, Avid – Pro Tools | Dock, iConnectivity – iConnectAUDIO2+, Moog Music – Model 15 App, Radial Engineering – BT-Pro, Sennheiser – Wireless System Remote

Audio Education Technology: EarMaster – Pro 6, Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group – Recording Unhinged, iZotope – Pro Audio Essentials , JBL – SpeakerPro, Neumann – Neumann in the Home Studio, NYU Music Experience Design Lab – Groove Pizza

Computer Audio Hardware: Antelope Audio – Orion32+, Apogee – Symphony I/O Mk II, Prism Sound – Callia, Focusrite – Red 4Pre, PreSonus – Studio 192 26×32 USB Interface, Universal Audio – Apollo Twin USB Interface

DJ Production Technology – Hardware/Software: American Audio – VM55 Controller, Denon – DJ MCX8000, Native Instruments – TRAKTOR Kontrol S5 controller, Numark – CDmix USB, Rane – MP2014 mixer, Reloop – Mixtour 2 mixer/controller

Headphone / Earpiece Technology: AKG – K182, Audio-Technica – ATH-M50xMG, Sennheiser – HD 25 Plus, Shure – KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System, Ultimate Ears Pro – UE Pro Reference Remastered, Waves – Nx Virtual Mix Room Plugin

Large Format Console Technology: Allen & Heath – dLive Series, AMS Neve – Neve 88RS, Avid – S6L, DiGiCo – Stealth Core2 , Solid State Logic – System T, Yamaha – Rivage PM10

Microphone Preamplifiers: AMS Neve – Neve 1073DPX, Antelope Audio – MP8D, Chandler Limited – TG Microphone Cassette, Grace, Design – m108 remote mic preamp / ADC, Kush Audio – Omega, Radial Engineering – Jensen Twin-Servo 500

Microphones – Recording: Aston – Spirit, Blue Microphones – Bottle Mic Locker, Bock Audio – U195, Lauten Audio – LA-320, Luke Audio – AL-X767, Mojave Audio – MA-1000 Signature Series, Schoeps – ORTF-3D

Microphones – Sound Reinforcement: AKG – C7, Audio-Technica – ATM230, Countryman – A3 podium mic, DPA Microphones – d:facto 4018VL, Electro-Voice – ND Series, Shure – KSM8 Dualdyne

Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects: Antelope Audio – Zen Tour, Blackstar – Artist Series, Line 6 – Firehawk 1500, Radial Engineering – JDX Direct-Drive, Softube – Marshall JMP 2203, Tech 21 – Bass Fly Rig

Musical Instrument Hardware: Casio – GP-400, Dave Smith Instruments – OB-6 Synthesizer, Korg – Minilogue, Line 6 – Helix / Helix Rack, Moog Music – Mother-32, Novation – Circuit Synthesizer / Drum Machine

Musical Instrument Software: IK Multimedia – Miroslav Philharmonik 2, Output – Exhale, PPG – Phonem, PreSonus – Notion 6 Music Notation Software, Softube – Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962, Tracktion – BioTek Organic Synthesizer

Signal Processing Hardware: A Designs – Hammer 2, Antelope Audio – Goliath, Chandler Limited – RS124 Compressor, Manley – Nu Mu, Warm Audio – WA-2A Tube Opto Compressor, CEDAR Audio Ltd – CEDAR DNS 2 Dialogue Noise Suppressor

Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series Modules): API – 512V, BAE – 1066DL, Bettermaker – C502V, dbx – 555, elysia – karacter 500, Phoenix Audio – Tilt Tone Channel/500

Signal Processing Software (Dynamics / EQ / Utilities): Empirical Labs – Arousor, iZotope – Ozone 7 Advanced, iZotope – RX 5 Audio Editor, McDSP – 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip, SPL – Transient Designer Plus, Waves – Greg Wells Signature Series

Signal Processing Software (Effects): Eventide – Tverb, iZotope – VocalSynth, Melodyne – Studio 4, Softube – Fix Flanger and Doubler, Soundtoys – 5, Universal Audio – Fender ’55 Tweed Deluxe Plug-In

Small Format Console Technology: Allen & Heath – Chrome Qu Series, Lawo – Sapphire Compact, Mackie – AXIS Mixing System, Solid State Logic – Sigma Delta, Waves – LV1 Live Mixer, Yamaha – CL/QL V4.0
Sound Reinforcement Loudspeakers: Bose Professional – F1 Flexible Array, EAW – Anna, JBL – EON ONE, Meyer Sound – MJF-208 Stage Monitor, PreSonus – ULT Series , VUE Audiotechnik – al-12

Studio Monitors: Augspurger – Solo12MF, Dynaudio – LYD Series, Focal – Trio6 Be, Genelec – 8340A IP SAM, JBL – LSR7 Series, Ocean Way Audio – HR4

Wireless Technology: Audio-Technica – ATW-T1006 Boundary Mic Transmitter , Lectrosonics – Venue 2 Receiver System, MIPRO – ACT 2400 Series, Neutrik – Xirium Pro, Sennheiser – Evolution Wireless G3 A-1 Band, Line 6 – Relay G10

Workstation Technology / Recording Devices: Avid – Pro Tools 12.3, Celemony – Melodyne Studio 4, MOTU – Digital Performer 9.1, PreSonus – Studio One 3.2 Professional , Steinberg – Cubase 8.5, Tracktion – T7

Outstanding Creative Achievement

Film Sound Production: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Bridge of Spies, Star Trek Beyond, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Martian

Interactive Entertainment Sound Production: Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, World of Warcraft: Legion

Record Production – Album: Blackstar, David Bowie, A Head Full of Dreams, Coldplay, Culcha Vulcha, Snarky Puppy, Crosseyed Heart, Keith Richards, Hamilton, An American Musical, various artists

Record Production – Single: Blackstar, David Bowie, Can’t Stop the Feeling! Justin Timberlake, Empty, Garbage, Hello, Adele, Stare, Prince

Remote Production – Recording or Broadcast: 38th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, 58th GRAMMY Awards, 70th Annual Tony Awards, 88th Academy Awards, Superbowl halftime with Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars

Studio Design Project: Boston Symphony Orchestra Control Room, Deadmau5 Mau5trap, Man Made Music, Valenzo Studios, VSL Synchron Stage

Television Sound Production: Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, The Walking Dead, Vikings

Tour/Event Sound Production: Adele Live 2016, Dave Matthews Band 2016 Summer Tour, One on One Tour – Paul McCartney, Radiohead 2016 World Tour, Rock Paper Scissors North American Tour – Sting and Peter Gabriel

Holiday Spectacular with Pepcom

Holiday Spectacular with Pepcom

Pepcom, October – On Thursday, October 27 Pepcom hosted its Holiday Spectacular press only event at Metreon City View in San Francisco. Over 50 companies were showing the season’s hottest new products and services. Last week Holiday Gift Guide produced by Roadway Media www.roadway.media was on the air on Comcast channel 27 and AT&T Uverse channel 99. Now is available at: