September 2015 – At the CTIA Super Mobility event in Las Vegas we met with the representatives of Lunatik and had a chance to see their new products for support of the Apple iWatch.  The company has been around for several years making innovative protection products for the mobile marketplace all with a high degree of style and precision manufacturing. The Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Scott Wilson, is an American entrepreneur and award-winning designer, best known for simultaneously sparking the crowdfunding and wearables movements with his 2010 TikTok+Lunatik Kickstarter project.

The premier product they were showing us this year as the new Epik case and band for the current 42mm Apple watch.  The Epik watch kit products are available in two different basic materials, a polycarbonate case and an aircraft grade aluminum versions.  The aluminum version, which we tested, is available in both a base “silver” aluminum color and a black coated aluminum version.  We tested the black version with the black leather band, the watch kit is also available with a metal link bracelet.

As the watch kit is designed for the fairly large 42mm Apple watch, the kit is fairly heavy (36g) and adds additional dimension to the watch.  The black powder coated design with the black leather band is targeted at the male user community and makes a strong visual statement.  It is also targeting use by physically larger individuals (over 5’8”) who have a large frame and wrist size to allow the 2.17” case to sit flat on their arm. DSC_0935

To supplement the aluminum case, the kit features stainless steel buttons, control/scrolling crown, and assembly screws for strength and durability.  The watch kit does not include a top cover for the watch to minimize bulk, but is compatible with the majority of edge-to-edge screen protection products that are approved for the iWatch.

The retail box comes with an installation guide in the box that has both illustrations and words.  It however, does not include directions on how to remove the watch module from the original band provided by Apple, but that step should be self-explanatory.

The watch kit has a number of subtle design elements, beveled edges, smooth corners, rolled lips on the top of the case and smooth easy to make adjustments and action on the strap and the connection to the case.  The design is not just functional but enhances the artistic design to a standard format digital watch.  The watch kit is currently available direct from Lunatik and other retail outlets.