Kalray – a French designer and provider of low-power, high-performance processors – is looking at American market as new opportunity for its growth.

The French company was established in 2008 as a spin-off from CAE (Atomic Energy Commission) to create the processors for embedded critical application market. As this market is still strong in 2014 the Board of Kalray appointed the new management of the company and implemented the new more market oriented strategy. Eric Baissus, who founded OpenPlug in 2002, one of the most successful European embedded software companies in wireless domain, became Kalray’s CEO.  Gilles Delfassy who is presently the President of the Supervisiory Board manages the operations. Eric Bantegnie is responsible for software technology area. This is a good match to the experience of the executive team.

The management team continues a relationship with CAE.  The company decided to address the market of mission critical real time applications and determined that a many core processor to be a solution. The target market was data centers, which was a continuing opportunity.  They also identified a new opportunity appears in self-driving  cars. Now, with the product poised to serve those two markets: data centers and self-driving cars, Kalray sees the opportunity to also be used for a storage controller.

Kalray was presenting the technical aspects of their product at the Linley Data Center Conference that took place in Santa Clara at the beginning of February and is going to be showing it in application with customer products at upcoming RSA conference in San Francisco, February 29 – March 4.