OWC is best known as being a supplier for Apple products but there are two changes going on in the world. One is – the connections are changing and people not just using Mac anymore. They are using PCs. As a result OWC is selling more parts for just regular computers.

OWC has too new products for PC and Mac users in content creation area.

It lets make your laptop or workstation connect like a full desktop computer. That means multiple monitors, a mouse, an external storage and a network connection. All being hooked up with just one wire connection. This gives the convenience of portable computer and the work efficiency of a standard editing desk. Because this DOCKS – USB-C DOCK and USB-C Travel Dock, then the high speed connection can support the displays, storage and what called HID (Human Interface Device).

The difference between DOCKS – one is a stationary for your office and one is design for travel to give the same convenience when you on location.  

With the HP Z series workstations the Dock supports 4K video and more important – does not change a color on the screen what is a problem for more other docks on the market.