At the ARM TechCon in Santa Clara, Texas based Ambiq Micro announced the capabilities of their latest MCU for the IoT market.  In an overview dinner with CEO Mike Noonen, VP of Marketing and Strategy Mike Salas, CTO Scott Hanson and VP Sales Vince Murdica they discussed the release of their new 32 bit MCU for the wearables and IoT market that is based on the ARM Cortex Core.  The design uses the Ambiq Micro Sub-threshold technology to produce a processor that can be benchmarked at the lowest power in its class.

The product has recently moved to volume production, and is being used in a currently available sleep monitor and fitness monitor.  To support the design, which is an ARM M4 core with FLASH memory and FPU, is a software development kit, a Free RTOS and a full development board.  Wireless development products, supporting a Bluetooth Low Energy connection, from their partner Dialog Semiconductor, were on display at the show.  All of these development products are currently available.

The system can be operated at voltages down to 2 volts which allows the system to have extended operation between charges, bringing new lifestyle applications to the IoT and wearables marketplace.

Ambiq Micro ULPBench2015