New BACtrack Mobile version

If you ask what BAC means? The answer is Blood Alcohol Content which is now easy to track thanks to BACtrack breathalyzers, that many of you already known.

In 2015 holiday season BACtrack offers two new versions of their breathalyzers: BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio Smartphone (key chain version). Both are supporting our lives being closely connected to smartphones and smartwatches via Bluetooth. There is no more guessing if you and your guests can safely drive because the BACtracks products provide police level alcohol measurement and the BACtrack Vio provides the trends on consumptions as well. The devices are design for a single person to user or multiple users when they use the additional mouthpieces.

The BACtrack products support iOS and Android systems on our smartphones. Once connected to the free BACtrack app, a user is able to save and track the results over time, as well as add photos and notes to those results, in order to learn valuable information about the drinking habits. The app was easy to find on iTunes or Google Play Stores and easy to install too.

The results of the alcohol content can be easily send to user’s wrist. The new Apple Watch Integration allows for initiating and completing BAC tests via on the Watch.  The use of the test results on the watch also make it more convenient to access the estimated alcohol level anytime using the Active ZeroLine feature that gives countdown.  This feature is exclusively for the watch app, and not available on the smartphone app.

New BACtrack products are available in the main retailer stores as Costco, Best Buy or Walgreens.

by Tomasz Kolodziejak


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