February, DEW 2016, Los Angeles – Margaret Czeisler, Chief Strategy Officer from Wildness, was talking about the characteristics of Generation Z. What the content creators and technology innovators need to know about that generation to serve better their needs?

What is unique about generation born after Millennials?

The age of the group is 21 and less. This is a generation that never has cable tv and they definitely had cut the cord or they are planning to do it. Generation Z lives in the times of fully embracing the social media – every minute 500 hours of videos are upload and shared to You Tube; half a million photos are upload to Snapchat.  No wonder that 78% find branded or sponsored social media appealing, 77% find branded or sponsored You Tube videos appealing.

Generation Z is ready to rewrite the rules. They are transgender in the borders of gender, culture and race. It is not that they do not see race, but they are not judging on it – stated Czeisler based on her extensive research on Gez Z – They embrace differences in the way we have never seen in the past. Their approach to the culture is also very different and unique. They don’t consume the culture, they make it, create it. They are culture creators. They are catalysts of the culture revolution that we already experienced.

The opposite of Millennial, who hate failures and hide them, the Generation Z considers failure a natural part of living, an experience of life. Gen Z embraces the failure. (“Failure is a great thing. It teaches you what is good… what to do and what not to do. If you fail at this, then the next thing you know, you’ll find something else you can do better. You’re not going to fail at everything” – said Mira, 14). 91% of respondents said that failure is an important thing in life.

Gen Z is also well known as a generation of the shorten patience span.