A long-time problem is how to sharing a memory instantly with your friends, family or even save a moment to treasure for yourself.  In the past, it required camera and film, then digital cameras with memory cards.  All of that presented complexity and lacked convenience.  Now those priceless moments can be safely and easily shared – not just on social media for the world to see, but right into someone’s home or their desk at work.  The solution is beyond what can be provided by social media, that’s why I was excited to try the Aura Digital Frame.

The system is very easy to use.  First I loaded the app on my phone – and it works with BOTH Apple and Android phones.  Then I followed the easy to understand guide on the screen, and paired the photo frame to the app.  This now allowed me to simply select and photo on my phone, and seamlessly and instantly copy it using a wireless connection to the photo frame. I invited my husband to the app so he could send photos to the frame and I get a notification in the app when a new photo been added. I’m able to update the photos whenever and from where ever I want. 

The most notable feature of the Aura frame is the build quality and the finish on the frame. It has a very unique and modern design and very light in weight. It has two touch bars that blend into the side so you can swipe through photos quickly if you want show a series of photos such from an event or vacation, if you decide.

You’re able to create a network of social sharing that’s on display between you and your loved ones. Having everyone connected to the app with one simple click of a button, new content can be shared to your frame. The connected features also allows for sending photos to in-laws, grandma, and family members at work are just as easy as sending to my own photo frame.  I just select the other frame as the location, like choosing another person to call from the contacts in your phone.  It was that easy to do, and setup – no learning required, and nothing to remember.

In the past, digital frames had a fixed space for photos, so you had to choose what to delete to add new photos.  Since I have thousands of photos on my phone, now I never have to worry about space because the Aura frame offers unlimited space. 

You have to check out the Aura Digital Photo Frame if you enjoy sharing your life in pictures. All these features of the Aura Digital Frame along with the app, come at a very reasonable price and make for a great investment for your home and the home of your loved ones.